Large Tonnage Injection Molding of Bumpers for the Automotive Industry

Injection Molding of a Bumper
Injection Molding of a Bumper

As a leader in injection molding, MRC has supplied some of the most in-demand and advanced processes in the industry. The project highlighted here involved injection molding of bumpers which provide an appealing and clean finished look to a car. The oversized part required the use of our large tonnage injection molding capabilities, and a trained staff was also able to perform the priming, punching, heat staking, and packaging of the finished part. Advanced 2450 to 3000 ton injection molding presses were used to manufacture it from TPU/TPO plastic with thicknesses from 0.05" to 0.10". The finished part featured dimensions of 80" in length and 45" in width. It was also primed for Class A top coat. Some bumpers are molded in color for a class A finish and include RPA sensor attachments. All work was done to customer specifications with part weights tracked throughout. The project represents a total run of 55,000 units per year.

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Bumpers Project Highlights

Project Name
Project Description
These bumpers provide an appealing and clean finished look to a car.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Large Tonnage Injection Molding

Heat Staking
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
2450 Ton to 3000 Ton Injection Molding Press
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 80"
Width: 45"
Tightest Tolerances
Normal Injection
Material Used
TPU/TPO Plastic
Thickness: 0.05" to 0.10"
Material Finish
Primed for Class A Top Coat
Class A Molded in Color
Special Features
RPA Sensors Assembled
In process testing/inspection performed
Part Weights Tracked
Industry for Use
55,000 Annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 Week
Delivery Location
North America Warehouses
Standards Met
Customer Supplied Print