Ford GT Body Panels

Ford GT side view

Ford and MRC collaborated diligently on the vehicle exterior system, with design engineers working carefully with MRC to determine mold and part feasibility for this low-volume high-profile project.

The automotive project highlighted here consisted of designing and molding the exterior body of a Ford GT.

MRC was one of only a small number of companies in North America with the capabilities and expertise to support this project. An expertly trained team co-engineered the design of the parts, and seasoned technicians made the mold, performed reaction injection molding, and provided trimming and prime prepping of the parts.

Advanced 90 to 150 ton RIM presses and a metering unit were used to manufacture the parts, which included front and rear bumper covers, side claddings, rockers, spoilers, and chin splitters all designed to give the car its shape and appearance. The parts were composed of Bayflex 180 O5S with a thickness of 0.125″. This material was used for its superior heat and strength properties and ability to withstand the rigorous forces from elevated car speeds. The parts weighted from 5 to 22 lbs. with finishes of base/clear, Class A top coat, and natural color.

All work was done to customer specifications with part weights tracked throughout and filler content confirmed. The project represents a total run of multiple pieces for 4,500 vehicles which were delivered in 24 weeks.

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Car Exterior Body Project Highlights

Project Name
Car Exterior Body
Project Description
This project was composed of front and rear bumper covers, side claddings, rockers, spoiler, and chin splitter on a Ford GT.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Mold Making
Reaction Injection Molding

Prime Prepping

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
90 Ton to 150 Ton RIM Presses and Metering Unit
Overall Part Dimensions
5 lbs. to 22 lbs. Part Sizes
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Bayer 180 with Fillers
Thickness: 0.125″
Material Finish
Color: Natural
Additional Facts
The specialized raw materials (Bayflex 180 O5S) required to produce the exterior parts was supplied by the Bayer Material Science Corp. and chosen by Ford because of its superior heat and strength properties and could withstand the rigorous forces from the super car speeds.
In process testing/inspection performed
Part Weights Tracked and Filler Content Confirmed
Industry for Use
4,500 Vehicles
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
24 Weeks
Delivery Location
Auburn Hills and Troy Michigan

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