Why MRC Manufacturing?

Since 1976 we have embraced new technologies to manufacture high-specification, automotive-qualified large-tonnage plastic parts for diverse customers.  Our customers are our partners.

What are your challenges?

Large Tonnage Capacity

Are you dealing with delays in delivery or difficulty in sourcing parts with unique volume requirements?

Service Support

Do you often feel left out in the cold or ignored by your molding supplier?

Quality Consistency

Do you find yourself on pins and needles when awaiting parts shipments, not knowing what kind of quality level to expect?

On-Time Performance

Do you experience frequent delays in shipping dates or lack of transparency in scheduling?

Cost Control

Do you often see a gap between your cost expectations and what can be committed or maintained in production?

All Services In-House

Do you often need to shuttle parts from one location to another for secondary operations, or need to move molds to get them repaired?

Low Volume Flexibility

Do you find yourself with those “unique programs” that have lower or varying volumes, making them difficult to source?

The relationships between people at MRC are the core foundation of what made MRC the company it is today and helps drive our concepts into new solutions.

Chantel Knight

Packing Supervisor - Groesbeck, MRC

What Can We Do For You?

Large Ton Presses

We have several high-tonnage presses in two different locations to serve your capacity needs, each location able to produce ready-to-ship parts.  See more

Quality Control

We are ISO, TS, and Q1 certified to name a few.  We are committed to quality and to a thorough understanding of customer requirements and setting up our systems to meet them.  See more

Service Support

We are committed to finding solutions.  We hear our customers’ needs, identify gaps, and from that common understanding we position ourselves to work out solutions that not only meet these needs but are sustainable and stable.  See more

All In-House

We strive to contain in-house all processes required to produce ship-ready parts.  This includes the important aspects of older tools – to maintain and repair them when necessary, minimizing downtime and protecting delivery schedules.  See more

Delivery Commitment

We protect our committed delivery schedules.  In our planning and in execution we follow strict guidelines to ensure on-time delivery.  If ever unforseen events beyond our control should intervene, we maintain quick, open communication to help compensate.

Cost-Effective Low-Volume Solutions

We are sensitive to cost requirements.  We pay close attention to customer requirements with the required processes and materials in mind – especially for lower-volumes, and work collaboratively with customers to find the right solution. Every timeFind a solution.

MRC is our go to supplier. The quality and delivery metrics are 100 %. Communication and responsiveness are the best among the entire supply chain

Supply Chain Manager, Major Customer

Wow!  We have reviewed multiple potential suppliers and are excited to partner together. The knowledge, commitment and dedication of the ownership and management team are clearly evident. The facilities are clean and organized, the employees are happy , helpful, and well informed . The commitment and dedication to quality are visible throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Buyer/Purchasing Manager/Quality Director, New Customer

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Case Studies and Articles

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Golf Cart Body Panels

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